Do you have a project….

Do you have a project….

My name is Kate, I boycott trashy plastic and blog about it over at

This is my new web page to promote UK-based projects tackling the problems created by a misuse of plastic. Not anti-plastic as such but certainly plastic-problem aware.

PLASTIC-FREE UK is about cutting unnecessary plastic. What is unnecessary is of course open to debate but one that is becoming increasingly relevent. And there are lots great people out there doing just that; debating and proposing all manner of exciting solutions that range from personal plastic boycotts to advanced techno fixes. Some focus on primarily on plastic issues, for others it is an incidental – but for all it is a consideration.

In 2014 I hope to feature 12 UK-based initiatives that are tackling the growing problems of plastic abuse – one each month – to create a directory of UK-based plastic aware projects, refuseniks, trash slashers, businesses and the rest.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their work.

It is very easy to get a project featured. Each contributor submits a short synopsis of their project, focussing on the plastic aware element and I post it.

I DON’T EDIT OR COMMENT. your project your words.

The Directory Submission Page – guidelines
Intro – a quick summary which will be visible
Type please choose or submit a category – suggestions include Blogger/ Business/ Individual/Organisation/ Artist… add your own
What you do to combat the problems presented by plastic over use.
Project / Pledge / service – about you
Links – twitter – Facebook etc
Images – always looks better with a picture so please attach one if you can.

You will be up there with these other great schemes



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