Quick ways to cut your plastic consumption

Quick ways to cut your plastic consumption

Plastic is a synthetic substance.There are no natural processes in place that can absorb plastic back into the biological cycle. It cannot be composted or left to rot where it is dropped /dumped like organic rubbish. Not surprisingly plastic waste is increasing exponentially and plastic pollution becoming a very real problem.

Here are some solutions.

Refuse, Reduce and Ditch disposables

  • That extra bag -refuse plastic carriers bags and take your own reusable bag. Same for plastic produce bags –  use cotton produce bags instead. Try Co/fo
  • Over packaged products
  • Bottled water – Get yourself a water bottle fill it with tap water. Join Give Me Tap  to get your reusable water bottle refilled  tap water from participating outlets when out and about.
  • Bring your own cup
  • Carry folding chopsticks
  • Take your own cup to work and to Starbucks – try this little beauty
  • Cut plastic consumption with help from these zero waste projects.
  • Ditch bin liners and take up composting. All your smelly waste can be transformed into plant food.

Replace -with sustainable alternatives

  • Naural fibre sweeping brushes
  • Cotton pants
  • Coconut pan scrubs
  • Try making your own lotions and creams – it’s really easy and they work even the sun block!!.
  • Use a solid shampoo bar or even soap instead of shampoo and try this vinegar rinse – it really works.
  • Get yourself some bicarbonate of soda and use it to clean everything from your dog to your carpet to your teeth. For everything else its lemon juice, vinegar and elbow grease.
  • Take your own compostable bag to the butchers or fish counter and yes, you can do this in supermarkets.
  • Nice cup of tea? Need a teabag? Buy Twinings – all their packaging is 100% compostable.
  • Get a milkman with glass bottles – stalk your neighbors looking for empties or check here to see if there’s one in your area.

You can

Reuse and recycle plastic

For scrubbing and laundry products, you could buy recycled plastic – have a look at the Ecoforce range.

Use the Ecover for all your household cleaning products and when the bottle is empty get it refilled – you can find out who refills here.

Inform and educate

  • Tell everyone what you are doing
  • Check out conscious raising artists
  • Go see the film Trashed
  • Download educational materials for use in class rooms.
  • Support P-FUK on Facebook


Become a scientist and discover cleaner better plastics


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