Huddersfield plastic free Pam

Huddersfield plastic free Pam

We boycott plastic and source biodegradable alternatives. To help others do the same, we list them all in our great big plastic free resource.

About – In January 2007, maddened by plastic trash, we began boycotting plastic products.

Plastic lasts for ever and we are using it to make one use, throwaway items. We have created everlasting rubbish that future generations will have to clean up. It is damaging the environment and killing wild life and may even be poisoning us. There are lots of reasons to treat plastic with caution….

…. and that is why we cut our plastic use, source biodegradable alternatives to plastic products and blog about them. Check out our huge list of plastic free products here…

However we realise that a total ban on all plastics is not a a realistic or even desirable goal. We use plastic everyday and think some of those products are worth the environmental costs that come with plastic production. This blog tries to decide which is essential plastic (computer? Camera? clothes line?) and which is not (carrier bags? toys? clothes?).

Join us in the boycott and the debate….

More about the boycott…

Who are we?

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