My Zero Waste – how to slash your trash

My Zero Waste – how to slash your trash

Rachelle Strauss of Zero Waste

My Zero Waste is the personal blog (and now popular resource) for householders who want to reduce their landfill waste. If you want to know how to reuse or recycle those awkward plastic items, check out their site.

By sharing her personal journey towards becoming a zero waste household, Rachelle Strauss has found alternatives to plastic packaging, campaigned to manufacturers, raised awareness and even set up a crisp packet recycling scheme (sadly no longer running). In 2008 she set up a national awareness campaign called ‘Zero Waste Week’ which takes place the first week in September. It’s your opportunity to join an online community of zero heroes and to challenge yourself to slim your bin.

Rachelle Strauss is founder of and
Both are leading websites for helping householders reduce landfill waste. Her work has attracted media stories and engagement in documentaries, film and radio both locally and abroad.



  1. nadine Sellers

    How smart of you to select my ‘blog-long’ friend in the UK. for your year’s worth of plastic free life tips and readings..She is a prime example of personal activism in our trashy world..many have been influenced by her honest advice and friendly philosophy. happy perusing, ns

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