EcoTales is a not-for-profit environmental arts organisation using film, art and storytelling to raise awareness of plastic pollution. We produce inspiring films and run a successful arts led educational events programme.

We are passionate about raising awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution to the marine environment and its wildlife and the health implications of plastic on all of us.


EcoTales began with the making of our five time award winning film  “Gloop”, a twisted fairy-tale about the meteoric rise of plastic from its conception to its present day wide-spread use, and carries the message plastic NEVER goes away. “Gloop” was the springboard to start our environmental arts projects, helping us to engage schools and families through creative events, activities and challenges to raise awareness of plastic pollution. Stanleytross at Downing St

Since the conception of EcoTales in 2012, we have hosted a film festival in SW London. In front of a backdrop of recycled plastic art created by local school children, Sir David Attenborough handed out prizes to the young film-makers who created brilliant short films about plastic pollution. In September 2013, we joined other organisations at Downing St to campaign for a plastic bag ban in England.

We are currently running a poetry and illustration challenge in schools across the UK and all over the world which will result in an ebook publication. We are uniting children aged 16 and under with celebrities who are all contributing poems, illustrations or comments on the subject of how plastic pollution affects our planet.

Our website is packed with educational resource packs which are free to download and provide lots of suggested lesson plans and activities.


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