12 Months 12 Projects

12 Months 12 Projects

In the next year I hope to feature 12 UK based projects or people tackling the growing problems of plastic abuse.

    1.  Vegware award winning makers of compostable disposables
    2. Ecothrifty is, (along with numerous other fantastic eco- challenges), is cutting her plastic consumption and getting ready for plastic free July.
    3. Hisbe are helping those who want to be plastic free by selling products loose and unpackaged
    4. Willian Gubbins and the boys are illustrating the problems of plastic pollution via this witty project and webpage because Everything You Buy Is Rubbish
    5.  Ecotales film makers, bird builders, and educators. They are currently putting together a book of anti-plastic poems written by children with an introduction  written by David Attenborough.
    6.  Natracare who provide ladies with organic and plastic free menstrual products. Thank you!
    7. Bag a Surf – tracking world-wide rubbish. You pick it, he pins it.
    8. Rae Straus of Zero Waste and organiser of the Zero waste week. She appeared alongside Jeremy Irons in the film Trashed.

And there’s more – you can see a full list of all contributors here


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