Are you aware that most sanitary pads are made from approximately 90% plastic? An average pack of sanitary pads contains the same amount of plastics as 4 carrier bags! Natracare offers a range of feminine hygiene products that are made from organic cotton and natural, sustainably sourced materials without compromising on the performance.

Conventional sanitary pads are made from over 90% plastic, they are bleached with chlorine, contain petroleum-derived superabsorbent gels and often contain dyes, perfumes and latex. With the average woman using 17,000 pads in a life-time the effects of this polluting industry are enormous, and yet most of us barely consider what we are using every month.
The founder of Natracare, Susie Hewson, set up the brand 25 years ago as a direct response to this polluting industry. She researched and created a viable alternative made from certified organic cotton, FSC wood pulp and biodegradable plant starches. The brand offers a full range of tampons, pads, panty liners and even wipes which are all totally chlorine free, plastic free and biodegradable making them lighter on the environment and also kinder on your skin.

Further to this Natracare actively campaigns against plastic. With the help of local girl guides groups the Natracare team organised a Coastal Clean Up on Rottingdean beach near Brighton and the company has supported various awareness raising projects about plastic in the ocean such as the ‘Making Waves’ art exhibition in Bristol and the Midway Film Project.

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