Vegware – compostable fast-food disposables

Vegware – compostable fast-food disposables

Vegware is the UK’s first and only completely compostable packaging company. Vegware is forging and leading its own new sector – combining environmental products and sustainable waste management for a zero waste foodservice sector
 What we do to combat the problems presented by plastic over use:

You can’t recycle food with plastic in it, and you can’t recycle plastic with food on it. Vegware’s comprehensive range of eco packaging is made from renewable or recycled plant based material and is completely compostable. So unlike most foodservice packaging, Vegware can be simply recycled after use.

All Vegware has independent compostability certification to prove it can break down in under 12 weeks. Once food waste and disposables share one bin, the little that’s left is cleaner and easier to recycle. That’s why in foodservice; compostable packaging is the key to recycling everything!

Vegware’s range of over 200 completely compostable products include many award-winning innovations resulting from Vegware’s active R&D programme, such as hot cup lids, double wall cups, high-heat cutlery, soup containers and the gourmet box.

 Vegware’s in-house Recycling Consultant offers clients full recycling support and tailored Eco-Audits supporting CSR by quantifying carbon savings by the kilo for every order. In 2013, Vegware’s UK customers saved 925 tonnes of carbon – that’s like cancelling out the carbon from 578 flights from London to New York!  And Vegware’s free service helps any UK business find local food waste recycling. Let Vegware help you go zero waste!


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