OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi, we are Kate and Ami and we have been boycotting plastic, and blogging about it, since January 2007.

When we began our boycott there were very few blogs on the subject – and seemingly little interest; that is no longer the case. The aim of this new project, PFUK, is to document these initiatives and so create an on-line resource of answers, solutions and products.

About Us and Our Plastic Boycott

Plastic lasts for ever and we are using it to make one-use, throwaway items and cheap trashy products that quickly break. We are creating everlasting rubbish that future generations will have to clean up. Indeed my boycott started as a personal response to the increase in plastic rubbish littering the environment, the bags in trees, the rubbish washed up on the beaches and carrier bags everywhere.

Then we got to thinking how much plastic rubbish we were responsible for. In fact we monitored it. Eek. So began our plastic boycott. We now refuse trashy plastic and source biodegradable compostable alternatives. Since then we have learnt much more about plastic. We now realise there are more problems than just rubbish to be considered. And yet we still believe that properly managed plastic has a future.

The boycott

We don’t boycott all plastic – we are happy to use the Dyson, the computer and TV . We are even happy to use plastic products that ultimately cut our consumption of plastic. However we do shun trashy items that have a limited lifespan and plastic items for which there is a viable natural alternative. We prefer biodegradable products stuff that can be burnt on our stove or composted.

We live oop north (Yorkshire) in a small industrial town. We often shop at supermarkets, eat meat and drink alcohol. Giving up is not in our nature – we want to do everything just without creating a huge pile of non-biodegradable rubbish that lasts forever.

You can find our big list of plastic free products and lots more information over on our blog

So Why PFUK?

I already blog, at some considerable length about this very problem, offer all kinds of useful plastic free tips and have put together huge list of plastic free products. What more can I possibly want to say on the subject?

Well that’s just it. My blog, my rules – thats how it should be. But my rules of course aren’t the only ones. For example – recycling! In the plastic free world there are those who think it is practically greenwashing, an excuse to consume yet more plastic. Then there are others who promote it as the saviour. I want a forum on which to post both arguements undiluted by my own opinions.

Also, chatty as I am, I cant say everything that needs saying on the subject. Nor do I know it all. No, really, I dont. There are others out there – experts in their field who I would love to feature.

Finally time will come when I am back on the road trying to access the internet from some remote dusty spot on a computer held together with string. Before I want to go I want to contribute to the growing plastic debate by helping build a plastic free community. As well as supporting and promoting each other, the aim is show others that there is a market for plastic free products and services and a growing concern about the problems of plastic abuse.

So blog for me, directory for everyone else. What they do in their words and a resource for anyone who wants to know who is who and what is what in this plastically challenged world.

You can contact us on